Origin of Sierra Sports Car Group

This group began gaining momentum in Spring of 1990, when several local sports car owners gathered together with a number of like-minded enthusiasts to enjoy camaraderie with others of similar interests, and assisted each other in sports car related projects. There seemed a strong interest in joining together in order to enjoy driving to various destinations over the exceptional country and mountain roads of our area. Moreover, everyone promised support when or if any mishaps might occur whilst motoring, since sports car enthusiasts are sympathetic towards others of the same persuasion. This small group continued to get together for "runs" and began meeting on a monthly basis. In order to maintain some sort of cohesiveness, yet avoid the stiffness of official organizations, this bunch evolved without rules or particular requirements other than to have a good time driving or "pottering" with their sports cars. Since there are no officers, rules, bylaws, or organization, no one has been moved to refer to this group as an official "club", so it is just referred to as an informal group of enthusiasts. This concept seems successful, for the group continues to the present day with many original people remaining active.


Anyone who has an interest in classic sports cars is invited to visit with the enthusiasts of SSCG. Periodic events are scheduled where everyone is encouraged to drive their sports car to a destination. A wide range of classic and modern sports cars are represented in this group. A good number come from England, but also Germany, Italy, France, and the USA. A wide range of talents and experiences are represented by the members of this group. 

Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm at Trailblazer Craft Pizza in Grass Valley, and more often follow Laurel 'n Hardy's rules of order. A good sense of humor is helpful and cheer is invited. Advice and opinions, technical or not is given freely, even when not requested. Since we have no leaders, we have no followers. So come on out and join us!


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